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Product Designer




8 week Process​


Software engineer
Brand designers
Business Strategist


Our challenge is to create an official and easy-to-use online learning platform that caters to the diverse needs of learners, offering a seamless experience for mastering code and design skills. By addressing these limitations, we aim to empower users with a comprehensive platform that fosters skill development and creativity.


eTechViral's is create a user-friendly online learning platform that caters to diverse learner needs. We will achieve this by offering adaptive content, which tailors lessons to individual skill levels, interactive exercises for hands-on learning. This platform will feature intuitive navigation, adaptive learning paths, and regular updates to ensure relevance.



Setting up meetings and collaborating on Maze. We used the 5 why technique to drill down the problem and find, potential solution and identify our target audience.


Phase: 01

Competitive Analysis

While keeping the above statistic in mind, we analyzed the 3 most popular apps surrounding this goal/productivity space. we found that almost none of them had this aspect of an accountability partner to help the user achieve their goals. This then became my opportunity for the solution.

Phase: 02

User Interview

To truly understand what could be the underlying pain of most people, we interviewed with 4 students from diverse backgrounds and conducted a survey with 12 respondents. And based on the responses here are the key insights presented below.
  • It confirmed that the design feels outdated, and the overall user interface lacks visual appeal, making it less engaging and enjoyable to use.
  • There is no user profile or progress tracking feature, which makes it difficult for me to monitor my learning journey and track my course completion.
  • The application's load times are quite slow, causing frustration and hindering seamless navigation.
  • There is no user profile or progress tracking feature, which makes it difficult for me to monitor my learning journey and track my course completion.


None of the previous apps my interviewees used worked due to a LACK of accountability.

Phase: 03

Usability Testing

We conducted usability testing from students. The participants were asked to complete certain tasks using the app, while we observed, took notes, and asked for feedback.

User Persona


3 major improvements in my design

The Final UI Screens

Final Product


The Style Guide


✅ Working on Cross-Functional Teams

Working at eTechViral was my first experience collaborating with PMs and SWEs in a cross-functional setting. This experience exposed me to what it’s like to tackle my role as a Product Designer while also putting myself in the shoes of PMs and SWEs.
For example, many of my early designs included designs that would make intricate programs that would be difficult for SWEs to create. While I didn’t understand these issues at first, SWEs and PMs helped me better understand why certain designs wouldn’t be feasible. Overall, being a Product Designer at eTechViral helped me learn how I can make a realistic product for the user and one that PMs and SWEs can realistically program.‍

✅ From Brainstorms to Beta Testing

Before this experience, most of my design experience came from personal projects, school projects, and designations which consisted of projects that weren’t fully fulfilled. At eTechViral, however, I truly saw my designs come to life.
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